5 Benefits of Baby Swim Lessons

5 Benefits of Baby Swim Lessons


I first went to a baby swim lesson to watch my friend’s son and I immediately fell in love! I was so impressed with all the babies in the pool and with the instructors working with them.

Needless to say, I enrolled JDS in swim lessons when he was 8 weeks old (some swim schools will take babies as soon as their ambilical cord falls off!)

I was a little nervous for my son’s first lesson, but he took to the water naturally. Other than the occasional bad mood, he seems to really enjoy swim lessons.

Many advocates for baby swim lessons promote the benefits of introducing your child to swimming at an early age so that they are not afraid of the water later on. There have been so many parents at the swim school who see JDS and tell me that they wish they would have started their tot sooner!

Here are 5 benefits of baby swim lessons, some of which I have noticed already!

1. It’s Natural  

After spending nine months in the womb, babies are comfortable getting back in water. They are reminded of their cozy surroundings in utero.

2. Safety

A case-controlled study conducted by Ruth Brenner and her colleagues discovered that participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children aged one to four years.

As a part of the swim curriculum at WaterSafe Swim School, which is where I take JDS, they have “survival” tests. As a part of these tests, the instructor will throw the child in the pool, fully clothed. The child’s objective is to roll to his back and reach the wall. This may sound really terrifying (because it kind of is), but there are 18 month old babies who are able to pass the survival tests. It is quite amazing!

3. Bonding 

Swimming with your baby can deepen your emotional bond with him or her, since the water resistance stimulates tactile receptors.  Additionally, touch for a baby provides him or her with emotional nourishment and a feeling of connection.

4. Low Stress Levels

Infant swim lessons are also very soothing so there is less stress. Although no studies have been done, many parents report that their children cry less and are more relaxed after swim lessons.

I can say that JDS is very relaxed in the water, he even sleeps better after swim lessons!


5. Boosts Development 

Researchers have reported that infant/toddler swimming lessons can and will increase physical, emotional, and social growth.

Also, cognitive development is increased due to the greater amount of stimulation uniquely offered through swim lessons.  According to a study conducted at Griffith University, infants and toddlers who are in swim lessons routinely reach developmental milestones at younger ages and with greater proficiency than the national averages anticipate.

Overall, I have really enjoyed watching my son thrive in the pool and would recommend baby swim lessons to anyone!


(Reblog) Trapped But Happy – My Pregnancy Paradox

(Reblog) Trapped But Happy – My Pregnancy Paradox

Love the honesty of this post!

I don’t know how to start this post, I think I should probably start with a disclaimer and a plea.

Disclaimer: This in many ways a selfish post, I know that. I know there are people feeling dark things and going through horrible things, I am not one of those people. I am incredibly lucky to be pregnant. I wouldn’t want to wish it away and I know there are thousands of people who would give anything to be in my position. I am already a little bit in love with my next child, I hope with all my heart to meet them in September and I wish nothing but goodness, health and light for them…I think it’s fair to say that this post isn’t about them as a reality just them as a concept.

Plea: I’m not looking for judgement, I’m looking for advice – am I…

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Vacation Meltdown

My amazing husband planned our first little getaway with the babe to San Diego and we were so looking forward to getting away for a few days and enjoying our time!!

We checked into our hotel (Loews Coronado Bay, which is a little gem) on Tuesday afternoon with such high hopes for the rest of the week.


The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo and had so much fun seeing all of the animals. I have always loved the zoo and although the baby got to see a lot of new things, this trip to the zoo was mostly for me.  The best part of our trip to the zoo was being able to see how interested JDS was in all of the animals. I cannot wait to take him back when he is a little older!

Although our day at the zoo was exciting, by the end of the day, I could tell JDS wasn’t his normal self. I thought maybe he was just tired from being out all day, but I was so wrong.

That night little chunk got hit by the flu (dun dun duuuuun). And WOW, just WOW. The screaming was of the skin crawling variety. He was inconsolable.

His fever spiked that night and  he was miserable, he wouldn’t sleep for more than two hours at a time and he screamed the whole night. I immediately felt helpless and embarrassed that my baby was screaming so loud in the hotel and I could not do a thing to make him stop. I’m pretty sure the entire floor wanted to murder us.

The next morning we did the walk of shame down the hallway on our way to urgent care (yes, I took him for peace of mind). The doctor said it was a virus and we had to wait it out…easy for her to say. So, we went back to the hotel feeling a little more at ease knowing that he was just experiencing the all too familiar influenza.

So, we went back to the hotel, ordered a pizza, opened a bottle of wine and prepped JDS for bedtime. He went down seemingly easy and we enjoyed our dinner, thinking that we were going to be spared tonight. Wasn’t last night hard enough?! We went to bed and about two hours into a deep sleep…the screaming started. I mean someone is murdering me screaming. I picked him up, I tried to feed him, I changed his diaper, I checked his temp (normal), I swaddled him. Nothing worked. NOTHING.

My husband and I looked at each other and decided, without speaking, to pack our bags and leave. I’ve never seen a room, complete with all of the accouterments for baby, packed up so fast. I was like a mad woman running around throwing things in bags (which was really hard when it came to unpacking) with a screaming infant on my hip. Needless to say as soon as we got to the car, the screaming stopped…and we drove home in peace.

I was so happy to be home, but so disappointed in the way our mini vacay played out. I felt terrible that the little man was feeling so crumby and there was nothing I could do about it. I also felt bad that the time that was supposed to be relaxing ended up being so incredibly stressful.

Although the vacation was not what we had hoped for, we did learn a few things for our next trip with baby (if I can ever recover from this one).

  1. Make sure you stick to your routine.
  2. Always bring Infant Tylenol (you never know!!!)
  3. Don’t be afraid to take the baby to the doctor especially if it will put your mind at ease.
  4. Babies cry, even in hotel rooms.
  5. Laugh because otherwise you might cry.


I Mom It Everyday

I Mom It Everyday



I’m so in love with the idea of momming it! It’s such a fun way to embrace all the stress associated with mommyhood and laugh!



#mommedit We mommed that Easter egg hunt!


#mommedit Nailed that photo opp.


At the end of the day…we survived! Very tired, but still alive!!

Mom the Day


Besties and Babies

Besties and Babies

My best friend gave birth to two beautiful babies five weeks after JDS was born. Being pregnant and having babies with your best friend is possibly THE coolest thing ever! It is comforting to know that she was also experiencing all of the beautiful, crazy, disgusting things that happen to your body while pregnant.

Once the babes were born, our conversations turned from our huge bellies and swollen feet to sleepless nights, baby poop and chapped nipples. The first two weeks after JDS was born were extremely hard. His birth story is nothing like the seemingly quick versions of birth you see in the movies. Three days of intervention after intervention and an emergency c-section later, Jack joined his very tired, swollen and barely conscious Mommy and his patient, loving and awesome Daddy.

The birth took so much out of me that the c-section incision was even more painful than normal and I was feeling very overwhelmed with new Mommyhood, not to mention a lot of visitors. Being able to speak openly and brutally honestly with my bestie was the only thing that kept me from losing my mind, I mean I had on average five meltdowns per day, but our text messages kept the 6th at bay.

Sharing the ins and outs of everyday life with babies has been nothing short of  hilarious. As we learn from our mistakes (and each others’) we continue to laugh our way through this crazy journey.

Thank you for always making me laugh, thank you for listening to me whine about everything and most of all thank you for making me a better Mommy.